Tronsmo, Antezzo, Hammer på 0047 i dag

On Saturday August 24th at 2.30 PM, Matthew Antezzo, Erlend Hammer and Goro Tronsmo invite the audience to join as they take the chair on a small tour around 0047, discussing its variety of possible meanings as it relates to different parts of the space.


Conversation between Matthew Antezzo, Erlend Hammer and Goro Tronsmo

Saturday Aug 24 at 2:30 pm

«The room sits in the middle of the building and has very high ceilings. Its two windows, placed almost at the top of one of the tall walls, face into the common area where other residents have their snacks and socialize. In spite of the high ceilings and beautifulhardwood floors the lack of view presents a challenge in terms of providing a harmonious workspace.»

Matthew Antezzo’s installation of a hyper-materialized chair was originally developed as a well suited response to the values and challenges of a contemporary residency program- Erlend Hammer’s residency period at ISCP in New York. Erlend spent his time in New York exploring the city’s art scene rather than the international no-man’s land of a residency program. His studio was left open for the duration of three months, empty apart from the concrete chair facing the door, simultaneously showcasing Erlend’s non-presence and inviting whoever passed by the room to occupy it for themselves by engaging with the chair.

Muscle Temple The Residency transforms 0047’s factory premises into a loft-living architecture, hosting a curated residency program. The invited artists, writers and curators all deal with issues connected to architecture/ installation architecture, context specificity, non-autonomous objecticality and structural critique and analysis.

By activating all the rooms in the gallery facility into being functional on many levels,and to function as living space, studio space and club-architecture simultaneously the architecture was developed to enhance different social situations. After having torn down the wall between art space and production space, kitchen, meeting rooms,studios and toilets, and constructing an apartment inside the part of the gallery that was the former white cube, Matthews chair arrived.

The chair entered the space presenting itself as an object, resisting attempts at seeing it as anything other than an autonomous art piece. Installing it as part of the seating arrangement around the round table where the staff of 0047 have their lunches, and occasional meetings,Goro reclaimed the chair as a critical tool, highlighting both the absurdity of the chair as «furniture» and its use as the first step in advancing the project into all parts of the 0047 complex.


Afterwords Matthew will bake and serve moose tortillas

Muscle Temple The Residency is mobilized by Goro Tronsmo.

Architecture: Kine Lillestrøm and Goro Tronsmo in collaboration with Transborder studio

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