Dance as research


Monica Emilie Herstad in her new art work development.

These confidential work videos emphasizes her movement in different layers representing qualities such as process, product, research.


First session: herStay in the Nordic Landscape

Context, weather and culture adding important components to the athmosphere.

An outdoor work in progress process, where we see the dancer and choreographer as she is in dialogue on the phone with a network-producer, then continuing her art process in relation to nature, after that event.


Second Session: herStay in Rome

A film being improvised there and then in relation to the performance, in July, a month before the Nordic situation.

Monica Emilie Herstad in action, elaborationg on the Euoropean heritage per se.


Session III: herStay live performance

An indoor performance being performed in a theater elsewhere, did you miss it, don´t worry, it will soon be in an art-context near you.




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