Non-fake as a geo-cultural dimension


Fra Kunstbevegelsens tekst-arkiv, lar man denne uke Monica Emilie Herstads tekst fra Fjords 2001 komme frem:

Library 7/ 2001:

Non fake as a geocultural dimension ..

Pop theater and new tendencies within performing art.

A conversation between Associate Professor Knut Ove Arntzen (A), at the
Faculty of Theater Science at the University of Bergen, and Monica Emilie
Herstad (H)


A: Post mainstream as a geocultural dimension for art and theater means
taking a circular perspective instead of an axial perspective, the kind of
modern thinking that assumes that everything should happen in New York and
Berlin or other such cultural centers.

H: Is pop community theater then, processing the audience’s need for a new
understanding of spatiality, which can be described as the difference
between earlier and newer theatrical tendencies?

A: Through new means of communication and the acknowledgement of margins,
creative forces have moved to a more non-institutional…

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