Art and health advisory

Kunstbevegelsen offers art and health consultancy, in a holistic perspective.

A variety of skilled art consultants offers guidance on everything from: nurturing hair coloring with natural herbs, to the arrangement of art festivals and events, and health improvements, in a holistic perspective.

The key to live a qualitative good life, in an affordable manner, within the marginalized, high standard art scene.

The client will pay in advance, by PayPal, or in cash.


Holistic Art Healing

Meet skilled consultants within art, restorative yoga, health/ welfare, beneficial for clients with minor challenges. To establish a customer relation, the minimum price is NOK 1500. From then, minimum price is NOK 750 per 45 min, in advance. Do not hesitate to write to, for booking. For companies the price will differ.

1 500,00 Kr

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