Chic lit post-corona norm

A list, to be continued, for books and literature, film, music, fashion, art, sources of inspiration, in a post covid 19 perspective: Music suggestions: Panis Angelicus, from the hymn Sacris Solemniis by Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225 - 1274) in the 13th century, set to music by composer Cecar Franck in 1860 Jessye Norman, Dido`s lament,... Fortsett lesing →

Find your mask

Covered art DIY masks, artful masks as a signifier, make your own, or buy an artful one. In the time of pan epidemics, find yourself in the mirror, with a new mask, either create one of your own, one for each day, or change it as often as neccesary, even if that comes to every... Fortsett lesing →

Season greetings, with literature

The White book and Factfulness on the book shelves On the book list this season, for some, would be Han Kang, with her The White Book, and Hans Rosling´s Factfulness, great literature, and so different. Also Adelaïde Bon´s The little girl on the ice floe, is one to be recommended, still in yet another category,... Fortsett lesing →

Estetisk for trening

Eleganse og praktisk fra et trenings-perspektiv en tidlig høstdag. Litteratur: Foto: Courtesy of Lululemon som avbildet i Vogue Foto som under, Lululemons egne:   Lululemon har forøvrig nylig åpnet butikk v/ Høyer, i Oslo.


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