Juni-premiere for opera-balletten

Ydmykt fra en stilsikker operaballett - Den norske opera og ballett med stjernespekket premiere her forleden. :::::::: Når verkene fra de store mestre hentes frem, er det en stilsikker operaballett som utøver dem. Det er spennende å se hvordan danseverdenen migrerer, hvor danserne kommer fra, og bosetter seg gjennom en karriere. Dansere kan være blant... Fortsett lesing →

A piece in process, herStay Field the edge

herSta y i n the world

herStay piece in progress

The freedom that the «w.i.p.»/ work in progress label offers, is a situation where – the before budget condition, still gives an opportunity to play with artistic ideas, with a touch of ´no strings attached´, to it.

The ´work in progress´ is more of a state of mind, where a set of solutions are evolving. It has to do with buyers, funding and programming of the work, before eventual biased interests anyhow limits your choice. In a non profit situation, new ideas can – in theory, be tested fearlessly? Why/ why not?, would be the theme for a post-talk, afterwards.

The performance is now being elaborated on during a performance development session these upcoming summer months 2019 hosted at Deichmanske Grünerløkka, for outdoor/ indoor performance viewing (tba) during late summer, early autumn, with a performance session from October 28th to 31st coming up in the horizon.


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